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Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

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Note: When training of ShotokanFit is held at a public or private facility members must comply with the appropriate rules and regulations of those venues.

Membership will now also include individual membership to Australian Karate Federation Limited to provide Public Liability and Player Accident Insurance for everyone who trains at ShotokanFit. Insurance is a requirement of the Benowa State School, Queensland Karate Association, and other public venues.

In consideration of the ShotokanFit accepting my application to train in Karate with ShotokanFit and to compete in any tournament organised by ShotokanFit, I agree to indemnify ShotokanFit and Alexandria Armour against all claims, suits or demands of any nature whatsoever however caused or occurring including but without limiting the foregoing the negligence, breach of contract, wilful act or default of ShotokanFit arising out of or in the course of my participation in Karate with ShotokanFit or participation in any tournament organised by ShotokanFit.