What is a Sensei

A true Sensei has many qualities. He or She is someone who,  

  • is wise through experience and has an open mind. 
  • is knowledgeable in other aspects of life.  
  • is a teacher / leader / father / mother in one. 
  • one can respect, admire and honor.  
  • is genuine.  
  • is not selfish. 
  • is trustful, tells you the things you want to hear, and gives constructive criticism.  
  • finds the best way to treat each individual and guide them in and out of the dojo.  
  • has an honest nature and is sincere. 
  • brings out the good/best in students.  
  • treats students the same, no matter what background.  
  • is confident in their ability and admits their mistakes. 
  • is consistent. 
  • will help you to find yourself.